This website is dedicated to the Michelin Plant on Ford Avenue, the Evans Family, Dr Forney and his sons, who they have given so much to the town of Milltown and for playing an important role in forming the town we love and respect. Also dedication goes to the remaining historical sites that are remaining that we hold dear to our heart, also to the ones that we have lost to the senseless disregard of our town history and to what makes this town so special, the residents that live and work here. We need to stop the senseless destruction of our historical landmarks and Milltown's history now before its to late and is lost forever.

Talking about our Town History is one Thing- Saving it is Another

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Irresponsible and Senseless Demolition of the Forney House

We're all from “someplace” … a place that has special meaning to us. But those “someplaces” are being lost – torn down, destroyed – and are becoming “anyplace.” They look the same as everywhere else.

Milltown will become the same as everywhere else if something is not done to prevent our historical sites and our history from being torn down and destroyed. Our town and our residents are unique and Milltown still has that small town charm, but for how long....