This website is dedicated to the Michelin Plant on Ford Avenue, the Evans Family, Dr Forney and his sons, who they have given so much to the town of Milltown and for playing an important role in forming the town we love and respect. Also dedication goes to the remaining historical sites that are remaining that we hold dear to our heart, also to the ones that we have lost to the senseless disregard of our town history and to what makes this town so special, the residents that live and work here. We need to stop the senseless destruction of our historical landmarks and Milltown's history now before its to late and is lost forever.

Talking about our Town History is one Thing- Saving it is Another

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Forney House

Forney House Gallery pictures inside and out 2007

Senseless and irresponsible destruction, another one of Milltown's historical treasures gone forever






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Click here for pictures of the senseless demolition of one of our most important historical sites 

The Forney House no longer resides at 94 Main Street Milltown, the location to which this Civil War Era historic landmark has stood for over 140 years built by Joseph Evans father of Milltown's first Mayor John C Evans. Another very important Milltown resident to reside at 94 Main Street is none other than Dr. Forney who came to Milltown to start his medical practice and serve the residents of this town for over 70 years. The Forney House was known to everyone as the jewel of Milltown because of the loving care the Forney's given to their residence and the important role the site has played out on Main Street. The home was sold in 1980 to Dr. Bhudev Sharma which for 29 years the Forney House has been allowed to fall in disrepair and neglect with no enforcement from code enforcement or township officials.

Valley National Bank decided that Milltown residents needed another bank in town directly across from Provident Bank and proceeded to demolish the Forney home against strong opposition against the demolition from townspeople and historical organizations.

The Mayor of Milltown, township officials and Valley National Bank all said the house is beyond repair and has to come down despite a report by the Department of Environmental Protection Historic Preservation Office that in their professional opinion the building can be rehabilitated all though not suitable for reuse as a bank but as stewards of properties of historical properties in New Jersey they recommend that the property be rehabilitated in its current use as a residential, commercial property. Click here for a copy of the report from the Historic Preservation Office

Milltown has lost yet another one of its Historical Treasures to big business and greed and possibly in the near future yet another very important historical site will fall to the real estate developers wrecking ball the Michelin Plant on Ford Ave. The Michelin Plant has played such an important role in the history and development of Milltown and its residents including the US Post Office, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Raritan River Railroad, the very first American Michelin Plant to open in the United States just to mention a few. 

Residents of Milltown stand together and protect our historical sites and our town history. Do not let Milltown become just like any other place.







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